The 2017 Amber Rose Slutwalk took over downtown Los Angeles on Sunday. Luxe Kurves was live on the scene as thousands of scantily-clad women (and even some men) sashayed their way down Hill Street amidst drum lines, cheers, and even some nearby protesters.  The procession kicked off around 11:30 a.m. and was lead by Amber Rose herself – dressed appropriately as the fictional super hero of her own invention, Captain Save-a-Hoe. In only its third year, it’s clear the event is still trying to sharpen its overall message, but it is still an empowering and vivacious celebration nonetheless.

Luxe Kurves - Slut Walk Dancers
By the opening gates were a group of young men carrying signs boldly stating “I’M A HOE TOO.”  As it turns out, all are members of the Slaughter Gang, the Atlanta-based rap label that includes 21 Savage (Amber’s current beau). Aaron, the most talkative of the crew, offered little to explain the meaning behind his sign, but flashed a mischievous smile as he simply plead “I’m innocent.” Young women decorated their bodies with derogatory slang, taking the power back from the very words used to shame them. “I would love to not wear a bra. I would love to wear shorts that show my figure, but I can’t because of men…Men think this is an invitation for them to approach me, say nasty things as I’m walking down the street…and for me to have to cover up and adjust my [comfort] because they want to be gross is pretty [sad],” said Sabrina – a passionate women’s advocate with marker scrolling down her exposed midriff that read “Still not asking for it.” The sentiment was echoed by countless other women that strutted the streets as they confidently proclaimed their womanhood with handmade signs and
lots of bare skin.

Luxe Kurves - Amber Rose Slut WalkIn attendance were various influencers, celebrities, and panel experts. R&B/Neo Soul artist Kehlani, plus-sized singer and fashion blogger Margie Plus, and radio host Big Boy all walked the pink carpet shortly before Amber Rose greeted reporters. Comic relief was provided by internet comedy duo Titi and Lala, who kept marchers hyped before the stroll down Hill to Pershing Square. And while it was obvious that the event offered little more than a photo-op for some of its special guests, it was refreshing to see someone using their name recognition for the right reasons. Think what you want about Amber Rose, but at least she’s trying to affect change…somewhere. As the slogan for the event sums it up, “F**k fame. Start Movements.”

Luxe Kurves - Slut Walk Banner


Photos taken by: ReallyNotRadio

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