What’s your definition of being a “True Plus Girl” in America?

A “True Plus Girl” is not the size standard. Her body shape or measurements are not the social norm. She has fuller hips, may be a thicker waistline, or wider posterior. There’s no generic formula to what makes up a woman. There are plenty ideas of course, but realistically there’s no cookie cutter mold. When you’re plus size, you are different and should embrace it!

As gorgeous as you are, how do you maintain a sexy attitude with such high industry standards?

I maintain a sexy attitude by developing my individualism and not conforming to what other people think I should be. That’s what gives me my sexy edge. I love the fact that there is no one in the world like me and everything about me is unique. So, I make sure I work what I have the best way I know how. I’ve perfected being me and at this point I am comfortable in my own skin. My sexy attitude is only a reflection of my natural confidence. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear!

On your website,, you mentioned keeping curvy and confident; What tips can you give for a plus-sized woman who’s struggling with her confidence and curves?

Ladies! Pick out one part on your body that you think is undeniably sexy.  If you have two or three, then that’s a bonus. But first pick one, then enhance or accentuate it. If you have an amazing bust-line, then you rock it, because no one has your bust-line but you.  I’ve cultivated my curves for years–meaning I have identified what I consider to be my best assets and I’ve committed to highlighting the things I love about myself. Also, be willing to step out of your norm or style routine. However, proceed with CAUTION, because when you do, be ready to receive compliments. Let those compliments fuel your confidence. There will always be more people who love you than those who do not. Either way, do you!

Who are some curvy goddesses that have influenced your modeling career?

I really admire Jill Scott! She is who she is. She is plus size but if you follow her she is confident, poised, and polished. Her confidence is radiated through her smile and is fully embodied in who she is. Jill is a genuine beauty. I get the vibe she is comfortable in her skin.  And she, like myself, has that sexy confidence.

As mentioned on Facebook, what are your views on fat shaming?

It’s HORRIBLE! No one walking this earth is perfect. Honestly speaking, there is something wrong with everyone. For someone to fat shame a person shows a lack of self confidence on their part. It’s a display of how little they think of themselves. There’s too many people being bullied, shut-in, or committing suicide because they are not standard. It’s unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated. We can’t be ashamed of who we are because someone else may not like it, and I would like to see more advocacy for young girls who may be considered plus size.  Adolescence is the foundation of where confidence is built and learned.  

What special projects can we expect future?

Presently, I am working on launching my confidence boot camp and plus size style clinics.  I don’t want to give too much away just yet. And definitely more blog development.  

How can other full-figured, curvy women rock your sexy, classy style?

You can find your favorite styles modeled by me at As the Chic And Curvy Model and brand ambassador, I believe the Chic and Curvy woman should always rock her curves to fullest  I am very grateful to be apart of the Chic And Curvy team and be given the platform to show followers that plus size is sexy and fabulous.    

What are the best ways your followers can stay connect with you?

Follow me for confidence and style inspiration on:

Instagram @TheCurvyPlusModel

Facebook Janna Plus Model

Snap at CurvyPlusModel.


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