What’s your definition of being a True Plus Girl in America?

I don’t think there’s a definition of an American plus size girl. You are who you are! We’re all different and that’s what makes us all awesome.

How do you feel about the controversy over living a plus size lifestyle?

I don’t advocate being unhealthy. Also, health should not be based on someone’s size. It’s not a true indicator of how healthy someone really is. Although I live a plus size lifestyle, I still deserve to be valued and enjoy life like everyone else.  

On social media, you’re about living out loud and squashing beauty standards. How do you tune out the cyber trolls and bullies?

It’s easier than I thought it would be. If someone is online to bully other people, they’re on the mission to be mean and satisfy themselves because their lives are really sad. If I reply back, I remind them I’m not here to indulge in making others feel crappy about themselves.

As a “Fatvocate,” what are some encouraging words for women who struggle with being accepted by family and friends?

If your friend doesn’t accept you because of the way you look, they’re not your friend! Ultimately, struggles come from accepting yourself. When you are at a place where you find value in yourself, people try to take that away from you, and those who do shouldn’t take up space in your life. Focus on the love that you have for yourself and that will drown out the negativity that is around you.

Do you have a special message you’d like to give to those who fat shame?

It’s important that they measure the weight of their words. The weight of my body is my issue and my issue alone. If someone comes to shame me on my page, they’re affecting the women who’ve come to be encouraged from my page.

On Instagram, you mentioned devoting your time to civil rights. In what ways as a full-figured woman do you feel your human rights are being denied?

As a civil rights professional, as a fat person, it’s one of the last acceptable places to be bigoted. Fat people make less, we’re denied jobs, the world believes we’ve done this to ourselves, and therefore we’re not entitled to the things we need to live more comfortably. It’s okay to harass fat people on flights, in the gym and at schools. In junior high, when you’re tormented, the school doesn’t have to accommodate you from being bullied. There’s a myriad of reasons why people are fat, and we don’t care to say ‘I don’t care what it is that’s made you gain weight, I just want you to be comfortable.’

How do you balance being a career woman and mother?

When I was growing through college, I really wanted to be a civil rights attorney, but instead I did my MBA program on subjects that would benefit my personal life. Women tend to put themselves in the back, so I kindly remind my children ‘Mommy is important too.’ If I need fifteen minutes to myself, or a pedicure, I take it! Sometimes you’re going to fuck it up and it’s okay. On those days, it’s alright to give yourself a pass.

What are the best ways your followers can stay connected to you?

I love hearing from everyone who reaches out to me and I want my followers to know they matter. Connect with me on:

Instagram @FatGirlBlonde

Snapchat: FatGirlBlonde


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