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Reigndrop Lopes, younger sister of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, is no stranger to the entertainment business.  Coming of age in the immediate vicinity of TLC’s success, Reigndrop has had a front row seat to the music industry’s most inner workings for the majority of her life.  That kind of proximity has equipped her with a rare perspective and savvy business sense you wouldn’t find in most indie artists.  And it’s that very uniqueness that’s driven her entire career – leading her to the invention of a style, a persona, and a genre that’s entirely her own.  



You’ve been in the music industry a long time.  How did you get started? 

“I started with one of my sister’s songs, just playing around in one of my friend’s studio. I never rapped before, but everyone else liked it except me. Eventually I was convinced that I had a different unique sound. I was put into a group with ‘The-Dream’ and another guy, but nothing came out of it. Eventually I decided to go solo.”


Talk about your first experience in the studio. 


“My first experience in the studio was irritating, because I was working with producers that didn’t see my vision and wanted things done their way.” 


What is “Hip-Rock?” 


“Hip-Rock is a combination of hip-hop and rock. I rap, but my music is driven by rock and I only perform with a live band.


Reigndrop_2There’s a big musical legacy in your family.  How did you find your own voice and your own style apart from that?


“I’ve always been the black sheep and have had my own style. People always compare me to my sister, but it’s natural to compare you to someone you’re related to, that’s already gone down that same path.  I am my own person, but we are related, so we have a lot of similarities.”


What’s your favorite – studio or performing live? 


“My favorite would be performing live, although I love the studio also, because I am a perfectionist and onstage you only get one shot. But the energy of a live audience is undeniable and it’s the fuel that drives my performance.”


What has been one of your career highlights


“Performing in Japan and influencing my fans in a positive way.”


What’s been one of your most challenging moments? 


“People are always trying to get me to change my style and sound of music. They want me to dress more sexy and sound cookie cutter, like what’s already out there. But I was never interested in that, so I never changed.”


What’s your advice to someone just starting out in the music business? 


“Go back! The industry is nothing pretty. You have to be careful not to lower your standards or sell your soul. The industry will change you. I don’t advise anyone to go into the industry, but if you do and you have a voice and a platform, use it for the good and the betterment of your fans.”


What are you up to next? 


“Right now I’m working on several things including producing my sisters biopic movie, new music, acting, an all natural hair product line, clothing line, health coaching, and more.”


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