I don’t have any scientific backing on this statement, however the perfect pair of shoes can change your entire mood! Who doesn’t love a great pair of chic heels? In my younger days the skinnier the heel the better. Although my eyes still linger at those 5-inch stilettos; I mean, they are gorgeous. Unfortunately, I no longer can realistically wear them for extended periods of time. I had to have a serious foot conversation with myself and decide that my feet are more important than fashion. Don’t you hate when you are forced to make adult decisions?

s3shoe 2

With stilettos off the list, there were only a few options left: kitten heels and wedges. Kitten heels are heels typically under two inches. This is the perfect sensible shoe–great with slacks for work or a dress for church. This type of shoe does not typically give women those “OMG” vibes. I have not yet found a kitten heel that made me feel amazing or compliment my outfit the way a pump would. The other option was wedges. Wedges are amazing to walk in. They are seriously the best “beginner” heels out. They are typically three to four inches and designed to maintain a comfortable stance for long periods of time. Although this option is better on feet, wedges make women feel trapped due to the limited styles offered.

shoe 1s6While hunting for a stylish solution, I discovered block heels. The block design to the heel allows the shoe to “look” like a pump or stiletto in the front, while maintain your balance in the back. Block heels come in a wide variety of styles–block heeled gladiators, block heeled thigh high boots, and blocked strappy heels.  If you even felt as if you can’t walk in heels or if you’re like me and high heels gave your feet the blues; give this style a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how versatile, chic, and most importantly comfortable the block style heel can be.

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