The leaves are changing and so is the weather.  It’s almost time to put away those tanks tops and shorts to bring out the sweaters and hoodies. Here are a few hair tips that are sure to keep you from tearing your hair out–literally!

1. Clip your ends!


Clip EndsCannot stress this one enough! Believe it or not, trimming your hair is detrimental to maintaining healthy hair. It promotes hair growth, helps with retaining length, and even detangling becomes easier. If all of this does not sell you, just think about how much volume you can have by simply getting a haircut. Trust me, your hair will thank you.


2. Moisturize and seal


Moisturize and SealAs the temperature drops and the air becomes dryer your strands tend to suffer.  One of my favorite tips to do is to section off my hair, take out a good amount of one of my favorite moisturizers to run it through my hair, and then I seal it off with any oil of my choice. Bonus tip: if you have curly hair you can take this time to do a traditional twist out or braid out.


3. Protective Styling


Protective StylingAs it gets colder it is the perfect time to change up your hairstyle and try some protective styles.  Protective styling is another way to ensure that your hair goes through less damage during these seasons. The key is using less manipulation on your hair to avoid breakage, and hey you never know that new wig might actually bring out some of your features.


4. Deep Conditioning


Deep ConditionWonder why your hair is lacking the shine and luster it has in the summer?  It may be that you are not deep conditioning enough. Just doing this bi-weekly can dramatically improve dull fall hair.


5. Scalp Massage Anyone?


Scalp MassageWho doesn’t love the wonderful sensation of shampoo being massaged into your scalp?  Did you know that it actually reduces stress too? Scalp massages help stimulate your blood flow, increases circulation to your scalp, and may even result in a good night’s rest. You can thank me later.

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