Bloggers are the driving force in today’s media. Over the past years, the blogging industry has grown to a million dollar industry and has gained the recognition of a number of industry insiders. Luxe Kurves Magazine wanted to show our support to all bloggers in every industry and decided to launch our “Shining the Blogger Spotlight!”

Every month we will highlight an industry blogger that we feel is making great strides in the industry! I wanted to find a way to do something special and give a platform to not only existing bloggers, but new bloggers in the industry as well!

To kick-off our “Shining the Blogger Spotlight, we interviewed Tianesia Davidson, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Millennial Wives Club! See how Tianesia is changing the millennial game and showing the world that you can have it all!



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Tell us why you started “The Millennial Wives” blog?

I started The Millennial Wives Club after getting married July 16, 2016. Like most millennial women, career and education first is what my parents instilled in me. Transitioning from an “independent woman” to a wife really is a transition, and there weren’t any platforms out there for my age group giving me relatable insight on what to expect. There were a lot of “I love my husband and I’m Christian, and we don’t have any issues” type of platforms. I needed something like “I love my husband, I love God, but I’m not perfect. I’m struggling to figure out my dream career, and sometimes my husband gets on my nerves” that made me feel like I wasn’t alone in what I was experiencing, such as my husband is addicted to sports and his phone and sometimes I’m invisible. Not only was becoming a wife a transition, but sometimes your marriage can affect your friendships and career as well. Being a wife, being a friend, and a being a daughter can be a lot to balance sometimes, and when I look on social media everyone seemed to be handling everything so easily. At least that’s what they portray, and it made me feel like maybe I was doing something wrong. So I wanted to create a platform that showed my struggles and my successes with my marriage, career, and life goals in hopes to inspire and encourage other women.


When you say “Being a wife is not my only identity” why is that important for you to mention?

It is important for me to mention that “being a wife is not my only identity” because in my experience in becoming a wife somehow that becomes your sole identity. Either you take your role as a wife so seriously that your world revolves around your husband, or that’s what people automatically assume about you and begin to leave you out of things because you are a wife. It is common for people to get lost in their “titles” of wife or mother. I legit had friends stop inviting me out to happy hour and brunch because they just “assumed” I was doing married people stuff. I have made it a point that I am still the same Tia on the inside who likes to have a drink and eat good food in the afternoon. What does being a wife have to do with my tastebuds? I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, a hustler, a creative, and I could go on. So when I say it is not my only identity, it’s because it is not my ONLY identity and I can relate to any woman because of that reason.


What makes your blog different from the rest?

The internet lacks reality, authenticity, and personal testimonies, which is what my blog represents. The Millennial Wives Club is not in the business of selling people a dream or facade of perfection. I genuinely want to help people. I don’t have solutions, I’m not telling anyone what they should be doing, and I’m not asking people to do anything that I’m not willing to do myself. The goal and mission of The Millennial Wives Club is to figure out life together and to be supportive of wherever you are in life so that you know that you are not alone.


The Women’s Movement is very strong in this day in age. How do you feel we can make it better?

United we stand, divided we fall. I’m noticing a lot of women creating brands and platforms that already exist and have the same mission. People with a big following are trying to preserve their brand and people with a smaller following are simply unknown. If only we would come together and support one another no matter how big or small, I believe the messages would have a better impact on society.


Do you feel that, in the black woman community, we need to do more with one another to show unity?

I feel like women in general need to do more with one another to show unity, especially black women. We are double the minority, and instead of competing we need to all just come together. Helping another woman will not hurt you but can only help you. There is strength in numbers, and that is partly why I open my blog to guest bloggers. The more women I get to share their story, the more diverse and relatable my platform will be.


What was your most successful/happiest moment as a blogger?

The feedback I get from various women in emails and social media about how my content is helping them makes me feel both successful and happy because I am literally being myself and I am helping people. In a way, I feel like I’m starting an Internet revolution with my blog.


What would you say or what type of advice would you give to an aspiring blogger?

Research and have a plan. There are a lot of brands and businesses offering ways to monetize and build your brand for you, but you could save a lot of money by just doing it yourself and it means more. Also, don’t start a blog with a sole intention to make money. If you’re not passionate about the blog, don’t do it. It really is like a full-time job and you have to wear many hats and be consistent.


What are your views on the plus size industry?

I think the plus size industry is gaining momentum and finally being recognized in the fashion industry. I feel like the average women in the U.S. is plus size, so I’m really happy that more brands and stores are supporting plus size women. Curves are definitely in!


What is your take on women embracing their body?

Embracing your body, self love, and self appreciation go hand-in-hand. You can’t embrace your body without appreciating the shape and changes that your body goes through–not to mention that it is the only body you have, so you have to grow to love it so that you can take care of it. Our body is what makes us unique and relatable at the same time. Every woman can relate to the natural changes that happen over time with our body even though every body type is unique.


What is next for The Millennial Wives?

My plan ultimate goal for The Millennial Wives Club is to get a core group of women who are willing to share their stories about marriage, career, dating, and motherhood so that it can become the collaborative blog that I intended it to be. My 1st Blogversary is November 25 and I want to have a small intimate gathering to celebrate! Until then, I will continue sharing my story, collaborating with other women, supporting other women, and building The Millennial Wives Club brand.

Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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