image5Today was the day three beautiful women were granted the title “Miss Fashion Week New York!” It was such an amazing experience for each model that blazed the runway. Luxe Kurves Magazine was the official media sponsor for the show. The event consisted of three categories: petite, plus-size, and runway. These categories were determined by each model’s shape and size. Each model–equally as beautiful and gorgeous–worked so hard for the crown, but only one in each category could be crowned Miss Fashion Week of New York. Winners included Ms. Angelique Oates for the plus-size category, Ms. Whitney Chipmen for the petite category, and lastly Ms. Jenny Norbert for the runway division. A percentage of the proceeds generated through the show are being donated to the Lupus foundation to help bring awareness and research.

The show kicked off with an extra sensational performance from rhythm and blues artist, Johnny Burgos from New York. With the voice of an angel, the crowd was definitely left in awe. The R&B artist opened with an original piece and left us wanting more by finishing with a creative mashup of two legends: The Isley Brothers’ “Between the Sheets” and Biggie Smalls’ “I love It When You Call Me Big Poppa”–and what an amazing job he did!
Later in the show, we were able to enjoy the groundbreaking debut performance by Donshea Hopkins from the Starz original series, Power. She performed two original pieces of Hip Hop entertainment. The young actress has been relieved from the hit show but has definitely found her place in the music industry. Luxe Kurves Editor-in-Chief, Brandee J, performed an exclusive interview with the rising star. Be sure to check it out!

The designer of the evening was Mr. Robert E. Knight. The African-American designer showcased three collections: couture, swim wear, and formal wear. The designers’ garments were stitched to perfection and each model wore them with style and grace. The swimwear collection featured sunglasses by Lyfe Eye Wear. The eyewear designer/blogger,  “Simply Shakirah,” was in attendance to watch her eyewear collaboration with the Robert come to life. image6

The show was truly fantastic due to the organization of Ms. Danielle Ellis. From formal to wet-and-ready, the models all put their best heel forward in the name of fashion.


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