Misty Marie a driving force in the modeling/acting industry for years! I have personally known Misty for years and love working with her. I can count on Misty to not only be the life of the party but her genuine spirit is beyond amazing. I’m so happy to not only be able to feature her on our September cover, but I wanted all of our Luxe readers to get to know who this wonderful spirit is. Get to know cover model, Misty Marie!


What are your views or thoughts about the plus size industry?

The plus size industry has come a long way, and is so very necessary. It encourages self-love and body acceptance, while expanding fashion daily! I get excited to go on Instagram or turn on a TV and see more and more plus size women being represented and rocking cute outfits. We are seeing new and exciting styles we might have never seen without the new growth of this industry, very exciting!


Do you feel the society accepts curvy women?

(Laughs out loud) Whether they do or not, we’re here! I think I heard the average size in the U.S. is a 16? With that being said, while being unhealthy may be frowned upon, if we can change the stigma “that if you’re curvy you’re unhealthy,” we can change the acceptance of it in society.


What is your favorite Fall trend this season?

Oh! Definitely moto boots…I got these really cute ones at Torrid that I love, and they’re great because they leave looseness around your leg which gives it a cute edgy look!


What Fall trend would you like to disappear and never come back?

Racism. I don’t have any hate right now for trends, I honestly just love seeing what interesting styles people come up with and try to appreciate the differences! I did notice the 90’s version of the 70’s is coming back.


Why did you want to become a fashion model?

Actually, I fell into it! I got my B.A. in Theater at UNLV and moved here, pursuing my acting career. After booking a cheerleader role on “The Beekeeper’s Daughter” by The All-American Rejects, I met a friend who was eventually invited to audition for plus size runway show. Terita of TMJ gave me a walking lesson. I booked it and have been doing it ever since! I basically just applied the acting hustle I already do every day to modeling. They compliment each other–being of a similar industry, however I have to spend special attention to keeping them in their separate lanes.


Who are your fashion designers?

I really like to wear designers/brands I’ve worked with, such as Liesl Binx, SweatShop Junkies, Poetic Justice, Roommates, GyvMeBody, Torrid to name a few!


Tell us one thing about you that you haven’t told anyone before?

I’m not sure I have anything I’ve “never” told anyone, but if I did, I wouldn’t be telling.


6 words the best describe you?

Outgoing, goofy, Scorpio, hungry, positive, cultured.


What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beauty?”

Luxe Beauties are strong and go-getters with style and class. They must be confident and have inner beauty while encouraging others to love their outer [beauty]!


List all of your social media information.

My social site:

Imdb: Misty Marie

Ig: @MistyMarieActress

Snap: @MistyMarieActs

Twitter: lovablescorpio

Fb: Marie

Contact: Manager Tosha at Dream Entertainment

Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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