Looking for that new Fall color that will bring a pop to your closet? Have you considered mustards and golden yellows? This color is warm enough for the change in seasons yet bold enough to give your personal wardrobe a facelift. I wore my very first bright yellow dress earlier this year when I attended the TCF Style Expo. I loved the feedback that I received about the color. That one dress had me hooked! On the prowl for more yellow, I stumbled across the deeper tones. There are different shades to match any complexion!

rebdolls yellow 2

After seeing these high-waisted trousers, you will be sold! Spicy mustard, primrose yellow, and decadent canary are just a few of the colorful synonyms for this decadent color. Pairing this with a dark blue or purple tone will give your outfit a boost of color, all while staying within the “rules” fashion. Dark yellows are also a great way to transition some of your summer pieces.

Look for this color in fall essentials such as slacks, sweaters, and in prints that you choose. This will make your look feel familiar while bringing a fresh dynamic to your seasonal slay. I can’t wait to see how you’ve styled your mustard yellow look!

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