When you think about fashion and fun, you automatically think of a White Party. This has been the party theme for all of the most fashionable events. This means that if you are anyone important, you have attended a White Party before. All guests at a party of this type stick to a strict dress code and only wear clothing that is white. Some people think that white parties are a thing of the past, but you can still have a stylish and trendy event that is a white party. This means that throwing a white party might just be the trend that you need to jump in on. 


Here are some reasons why white parties are not over:

Strict Dress Code

If you want to have an event where fashion is important, you have to make sure that a dress code is enforced. This is the only way that you can be sure that people where what you want them to to your cool event. With a White Party, you can be sure that guests will only get into the event if they are wearing white. This means that if they are not dressed fashionable or in the right color, they will not make it through the doors. This will ensure that everyone at your party takes fashion seriously if you make them stick to a strict white only dress code that you make them follow.

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Who’s Who

One of the great things about white parties is that they are known for being cool and trendy events. This means that people want to go to white parties to be seen. If you want to have an event that people want to attend, it might be a good idea for you to have a white party theme to attract people and get them to come. You really can’t go wrong if you choose to have a white party. This is the party that people will want to go to over and over again. P. Diddy may have started the idea to have an all white party, but this is a theme that has really caught on and it is one that can work for you. Everyone who is anyone will want to attend your party event that you throw in style!


Something Different

Adding a new trend to your all white party can set yours apart from the rest! Because let’s face it in order to keep this trend going you have time spice it every once in awhile. One trend you can do is add another color to the mix such as gold, silver or a pastel color. This will have everyone talking as they will not expect it!


All White Parties will always be here so make sure your doing it right!

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