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Fall has always been my favorite makeup season. I love the intensity of color it brings, and this year does not disappoint. The runway trend is all about celebrating the beauty of individuality, and diverse ideals of beauty, including some 27 plus size models! The metallic eye emerged as the trend of the season. Sheer, bright and colorful metallic eyes paired with a dark, bright, or nude lip were representing. Here are some wearable looks that will give even the novice makeup maven  #goals.

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This fall, eyes are electric and metallic and all shades of the rainbow. Rock those pops of bright color, along with gold, silver, and bronze tones and accessorize with natural, glowing skin and nails to match.

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Dramatic black eyeliner has made a comeback in a big way, making a statement all on its own. Graphic, thick, winged or smudged like it’s been slept in, the choice is yours.

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Vampy or bright lips–matte or glossy–with minimalist eyes and thick, bold lashes are the new normal.

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Monochromatic pink with a hint of metallic on eyes, lips, and cheeks is still going strong from spring into fall.

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The “no makeup” look has given way to the soft metallic eye and popsicle lip.

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Which Fall beauty look are you most excited about? 

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