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Shining the spotlight on brands that I love always makes me so happy! I’ve been into fashion, beauty, restaurants and pampering services my whole life! It really started for me when I was five years old. I was that little girl playing in my mother’s cosmetics, putting on her heels, and just loving everything about being a little girl!

As I got older my love for fashion, beauty, and pampering increased and has just gotten worse over the years! With my love for all things I love trying out new brands and places–especially in my line of work. It’s my job to bring great brands to the forefront.

Four months ago I had to find a new eyebrow esthetician, and, ladies, we all know how that can be. Our eyebrows say it all and I don’t know about you but I’m so picky and very cautious about anyone touching my eyebrows. So the hunt was on! I was on the internet researching spas and individuals like how I research men before I go on a date with–but that’s another story.

I came across a place that had amazing reviews, European Wax Center-Chula Vista!! I was beyond excited because not only were the reviews amazing, but the images from their work spoke volumes. With all the information I had, I picked up the phone and called. When they answered I explained my situation and made it very clear that I wanted their best esthetician. The receptionist made my appointment for that same day.



When I arrived I was taken aback by how relaxing the reception area was and how they knew who I was just by me making an appointment, so already the customer service was at a level 10! I had a seat and waited for my name to be called.

My esthetician came out and introduced herself to me. When I got into the room I laid down told her my concerns and wants. She began telling me what she was doing and the type of wax she would be using.



After the painless services I was BEYOND happy and impressed! European Wax Center is my new waxing services home!! The great services I receive from the moment I stepped in, to the moment I left spoke volumes.

European Wax Centers are all over the United States with headquarters in Florida. I had to shine the spotlight on them because for the past four months they have made me feel so special with their services and now I know why they receive all of the 5-star reviews!

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Find a European Wax in your area today and tell them Brandee J sent you! Or if you’re in the San Diego area stop by the one in Chula Vista and ask for Zoe!

Next month see who I will shine the spotlight on next!

Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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