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You definitely know them when they come along, those singers that have got the unmistakable soulfulness. When in their presence, they affect the air around them – filling it with good vibes, realness, and, most importantly, love. It’s only fitting that one of L.A.’s most promising independent artists of this nature just happens to get her name from love. Amore the Songstress is one of the west coast’s best-kept secrets with worldwide potential, holding her own against artists like Floetry and Jill Scott.


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To someone that’s never heard you, how would you describe your music?

Passionate and soulful.

How did you get started in the business?

I’ve always had a passion for music from a very young age, but it was when I was 12 years old and I had my first recording session. To hear myself singing back different harmonies, etc., did it for me.  I was totally in love and ready to sing people’s ears off.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My biggest influences…man there are so many it’s hard to narrow down, but to name a few: the Jackson Family, Anita Baker, Prince, and Aaliyah are some of my [favorites].  But era-wise 80’s and 90’s music for sure.

Tell me about the name “The Songstress.”

Songstress is what and [who] I become when stepping on a stage to deliver my gift – absorbing the energy in the room, pouring out all my emotions whether it be happy, sad etc. [It’s just] me and my mic in hopes of touching at least one person in the room.

What sets you apart from other artists in your genre?

I’m my own artist, not a copycat. I’m not trying to sound like everyone else out. I mean I respect those doing their thing but getting a little burnt out on all the autotune or talk singing. I’m a Sanger so I’m built to listen for great voices, not the program used (laughs).

Where do you prefer to be: on stage or in the studio?

Honestly both, but on stage is my favorite. Reason being, the challenge to convince the room I’m worth the attention and I love to interact with the crowd, making them feel just as much a part of the show as I.


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What keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from God, my family, and those little girls and supporters who aspire to be a performer themselves and are looking for a Shero to be a good example of a real woman reaching for her dreams, despite everything else happening around them.

What has been a highlight of your career?

When I was blessed to be a part of a movement and book called The Diary of a Songwriter. It brought so many beautiful and talented women together to tell our different stories and to stand together and be bold and say “We are here and we are gifted and not selling out for anyone.”  Period. Point blank. And we can make it as one in unity. It was an awesome experience.

Tell me about one of your biggest obstacles.

My biggest obstacle is not having enough time in a day. I mean I wear many hats as a wife and mother of three and dreamer. I so wish I could duplicate myself in two. Shoot, I would get so much done faster but nothing will stop my purpose. So to the sky I go.


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What is the message you want to convey with your music?

My music will convey honesty and healing. I mean, like I said before, music is emotion and the words tell a story whether happy or sad. I want to be as transparent as possible, relatable. I want people to feel moved and encouraged to look forward to a better tomorrow because anything is possible if you just believe. 

Official Website:

Hear Amore’ featured on “Playbook” from The Diary of a Songwriter soundtrack:


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