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When it comes to a local music scene, San Diego, CA offers a surprising cornucopia of talent. Many artists from the area have catapulted to superstardom – from the growling Tom Waits, to the multi-faceted Nick Cannon, to drag icon RuPaul. Given its proximity to the blinding lights of Los Angeles, you’d think that many up-and-coming musicians in the area would be outshined.  In the case of singer-songwriter Shyla Day, quite the opposite is true.   

Describe your musical style? How would you classify yourself?

“[I’d say that] Pop/Rock is very accurate.”

When did you start making music?

“I was about 13 or 14. I actually began by playing violin. I sang in church. Then I did my first open mic and someone very important was in the audience and offered the chance to play in SoCal Showcase for San Diego Magazine. It all just kind of went from there, I was in [Los Angeles] a lot after that.”

What’s the difference between the San Diego music scene and the one in Los Angeles?

“San Diego is very laid back, it’s a small town. Everyone is really supportive. L.A., as you know, is much different in the sense that it’s very competitive.”

Who are some of your musical influences?

“[I’m a big fan of] Ed Sheeran. I like that he’s not afraid to be open. I love Adele. She really doesn’t need much to sound good.”

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As a musician, do you prefer the recording studio or performing live?

“Performing live. Performing in front of people is just that instant connection. The studio is great too, but there’s nothing like performing live. My overall goal is to connect.”

What are some of your favorite venues to perform at?

“When I was 20, I played a show at the House of Blues in San Diego. It was sold out. I didn’t even know it was sold out until afterwards! And before that I headlined at the Whiskey a Go Go for the L.A. Music Awards. That one was sold out too.”

Your song “Kiss Me” earned you a nomination for Female Singer/Songwiter of the year at the Los Angeles Music Awards. What inspired that song?

“I wanted to write a symphony. I was traveling with my friend from San Diego to Seattle.  My friend was in the beginning stages of falling in love and I was getting a little jealous.  I was imagining and envisioning what that could have been like, and I was stunned by how different things could look travelling from one place to another.”

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What’s next for Shyla Day?

“I’ll be shooting a music video for ‘Kiss Me.’ I’m working with a plus-size fashion designer who will design my clothes. I’m recording an album that should be released sometime in early 2018.  And [in addition to music], I’ll be competing in the Royal International Beauty Pageant as the only plus-size contestant representing the U.S.”

Where can we learn more about you?

Official website:

“Kiss Me” on iTunes:

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