Chances are, you’re going to have some plans for the summer. Despite the soaring temperatures that most of us have to deal with, summertime is often the best time to go on vacations, explore new destinations, take in outdoor events, or just hit the beach. If you’re planning some or all of those activities, but you’re also dreading them, it could just be a matter of getting back into shape.


Believe it or not, but getting in shape for the summer season isn’t as difficult as some may suggest. There are several simple measures you can take, in order to ensure that no matter what the summer throws your way, you’re going to be ready for it.

How To Get In Shape In Time For The Summer?

Trying to get in shape for summer adventure? Do you want to look and feel great in your beachwear? Here are 5 ways to get back in shape this summer that can work for just about anyone:

Tip 1

Tracking and progression are key: No one is saying you have to become a fitness freak overnight. Just finding the time to get in a little exercise can be challenging. But start simple, keeping in mind that even something as straightforward as a 15 minute walk is better than doing nothing at all. At the same time, understand that any exercise plan needs to account for the ability to keep track of your progress, while also keeping aware that you need to strive to do a little better each week.


Tip 2

Eat a good breakfast: Studies show that those who consume the bulk of their calories before 3PM have the best chance of losing weight.

Healthy breakfast, muesli, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, crisp bread and yogurt, health and diet concept
Healthy breakfast, muesli, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, crisp bread and yogurt, health and diet concept

Tip 3

Planning meals: Try to plan work meals for the entire week, which can include healthy snacks. This is a good way to keep you focused on changing your diet for the better. It’s also almost always better for your wallet and health to resist the temptation to eat out.


Tip 4

Remember the value of those small changes, particularly with your diet: Sticking to the outside perimeters of grocery stores tends to keep you away from most of the processed foods. Even something as simple as swapping out mayo for avocado on your sandwich can help.


Tip 5

Get the soda out of the house: These days, there are tons of AWESOME alternatives to soda. Furthermore, most of us should probably drink more water anyway!


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