Who is Aliepson? This is a question she herself could not answer for quite some time. Growing up in Waukegan, IL all  he knew was that she was always the tallest girl in the class. She stood out. Aliepson admits to once  hating her hair and the complexion of her skin. It’s funny how the things she found hard to embrace are now the sought out attributes that are landing her roles as a model and an actress. Let me also be clear when I say she loves the skin she is in now!

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I managed to catch up with Aliepson while she was teaching her modeling class in Atlanta and we were able to discuss her transition.

Clarisa: How did you get into modeling?

Aliepson: It was at an event at a mall. I was 16 and someone convinced me to participate. I have been doing it ever since.

Clarisa: What are some difficulties you faced along the way?

Aliepson: Investing in my modeling career through businesses who took advantage of me. I lost a lot of money throughout the years that way.

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Clarisa: Was that part of the reason you decided to open your own academy?

Aliepson: Most definitely, in hopes of preventing other models from doing the same.

Clarisa: Tell me a little about your academy.

Aliepson: It’s housed in Atlanta once a month. I teach the girls model etiquette, the business side of modeling, the importance of branding, and of course the walk. I have an entire curriculum. It’s $60 to attend and I only accept ten students at a time. I like to give my students the one on one they deserve.

Clarisa: The walk is the first thing I noticed about you!  I remember we were in a show together and before I ever heard you speak I noticed that walk and asked you for your number. I knew I could never walk like you but if I could do half as good I’d be alright! I programmed you in my phone under “walking bitch”.

*we both laughed*

Clarisa: You have been doing some major things! I saw you in Hidden Figures that’s huge! It is the number one film in the country right now. That’s not all you’ve been in though right? Tell us some other projects you’ve worked on.

Aliepson: I’ve been on Love and Hip Hop, Married to Medicine, Mary Jane, and The Tyler Perry Show. I also have some projects coming out this summer. The film about Tupac, All Eyes on Me, I’m in that. As well as a sitcom coming out on VH1 called Day Time Divas. I have some more films coming out in theater as well!

Clarisa: Wow, congratulations. You are definitely a busy woman. Now you told us about the acting, what can we expect moving forward from Aliepson the model?

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Aliepson: I moved to New York to focus on getting signed by a reputable company. NY is a bit on the higher end and couture modeling which is what I want to do now. New York is pretty much the capital outside of Paris which I have also traveled to and done some work. I have my hands full so I am looking for a manager. It takes a team to accomplish great things and it’s time to level up.

Clarisa: Well you have the world watching you. We are rooting for you. I know you are busy so I don’t want to take up too much more of your time, but before you head out can you tell us where we can get more information about you and your academy?


Aliepson: My website is

IG: @aliepson

FB: Aliepson

Aliepson Modeling Academy

IG: Aliepson Modeling Academy

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