Spring! The season for allergies and runny noses? No! How about, a bad pair of sunnies and open-toe shoes. Let’s be honest, we have been working out all winter long for this (yeah right). All jokes aside, Spring is the beginning of a beautiful time of year. Daytime parties,  barbecues, and plenty of nights out on the town. So, with that being said, let’s jump into the do’s and don’ts of spring fashion.


Do Consider Patterns

During spring it’s easy to get bombarded at the store with a variety of pastel colors. While there is nothing wrong with it, don’t be afraid of patterns. Patterns, when worn correctly, can accentuate our lovely bodies.



Don’t Choose Patterns That are not Flattering.

Make sure to choose patterns that fit you. For instance, if you’re going to choose a stripe top make sure the stripes are vertical. Vertical stripes tend to elongate the torso—unless you’re already six feet tall! Get it? Good.

Do Invest in Metallics.

Metallic skirts are in! They are fun and have a flirty flow too. Match it with a cute graphic tee and you will be the center of attention. The fun thing about the metallic skirts is that you can dress them down with sneakers or dress them up with pumps. Your choice.


Don’t Overdo the Metals.

We can easily get carried away with new trends. Make sure you are sticking to pieces. You don’t want to get a copper top and skirt and end up looking like a sweet potato that just got out of the oven! That’s not the type of attention we want, ladies. 


Do Embrace the Maxi Dress.

We all can look amazing in a maxi. I think the fellas will agree with me when I say this is why they love Spring. There are no rules to a maxi dress. You truly can incorporate your own style by adding a knot at the bottom. A maxi can be paired with a jean jacket or vest. A duster adds an element of elegance to a maxi as well. Do you. 



Don’t “Maxi” without Good Under Garments.

Although a maxi can look good on a woman of any size, be sure to have some good undergarments to hold you firmly in place—whether it a good bra and panty or an entire body shaper. Nothing looks worse than a woman in a maxi with poorly-fitting panties. It’s reminiscent of a biscuits busting out of a can. Not a good look.


Now that we have addressed the fashion trends and fashion faux pas of the season, it’s time to use what you’ve learned, ladies. Have fun! The beautiful thing about fashion is that it truly is an art. There aren’t too many wrongs or rights. Fashion is left up to your own interpretation and liking.Either way, adding your own little flare gives it the personal touch that defines you!

Be sure to tag us so we can see your look. Can’t wait to see what you guys pull off. Bye for now.



Clarisa Velazquez

Clarisa Velazquez

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