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“If you want to be something, you have to be in charge of your destiny.”

Silkk The Shocker

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of hip hops most notable recording artist and business moguls, Silkk The Shocker.  After selling over 85 million records with No Limit Records, it comes as no surprise that Silkk is still making power moves. He is back and has been killing the airways with his latest project “IWAMSL,” which stands for, “It will all make sense later.”  Silkk was very candid about his life now and his days with No Limit.  He spoke on his many life lessons and the struggles he currently face dealing with his brother C-Murder life sentence. This by far was the most authentic person I’ve ever spoken to and here’s why.

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Latoya:  How do you feel about the industry today?

Silkk: Music lack creativity these days.  I like originality, so I appreciate people like the Migos who are pushing the culture.  I love their work ethic!

Latoya:  Who is one of your favorite artists? 

Silkk: I will have to say Nas is my all-time favorite.

Latoya: Will there be a Sequel to the No Limit Movie?

Silkk:  We got so close a year and a half ago. These things take time, but the script is amazing.  I will say this project is at the top of the list.

Latoya: Do you think there will ever be a label like No Limit?

Silkk:  I would hope so!  There’s so much jealously in the business today, so it will be tough.  The world is not really supportive.  With No Limit, we were like a real family.  We market the label strategically that way so you had to pay attention to the entire team. The industry wasn’t that clustered either back then.  Now, it’s so many mixtapes and so many songs dropping. It will be tough.

Latoya:  What legacy do you feel No Limit left?

Silkk: We were one of the biggest independent labels ever.  We were real hustlers, who made our own money.  Let me say this: when you get good they will come get you.  I remember them trying to buy P out. When that didn’t work, they would try to come for an artist to pay them to stray away from the team.  We were that big and making a lot of money. My only goal was to save lives, make money, and make history. We did that!

Latoya: We know your brother C-Murder was sentenced to life for the shooting of a 16- year old teen at a nightclub.  How do you feel about his case and his sentence?

Silkk:  My opinion will always be bias, because that’s my brother.  There are a lot of things that’s questionable when it comes to his case; some I don’t agree with.  It’s a rough situation and I’m dealing with it day by day.   

Silkk the Shocker is truly an inspiration and is really making a difference. With so many upcoming projects, he has no plans on slowing down.  He is working on a book that will serve as a guide on being successful in the music industry.  He has also developed a program that will combine his love for sports and education to help the youth.  You can also be on the lookout for the No Limit Reunion at the Essence Festival this summer!


Social Media: @SilkkTheShocker


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