Are the plants in your home medicinal or recreational? 4/20 is a holiday for some, primarily those who smoke weed. However, this month took on an entirely different meaning. It was also the celebration of the hit movie Grow House. The doctor prescribed one dosage of laughter, a pound of cannabis, and a guaranteed night of fun.

Grow House was written by the legendary DJ Pooh, co-writer of the classic 90’s film Friday. The all-star cast includes: comedian Lil Duval with his first leading role, comedian extraordinaire DeRay Davis, director Raquel Lee, and well known actor/comedian Faizon Love.


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Grow House tells the story of two friends who, with the help of an investor, decide to open up a medical marijuana dispensary. The men are in for a huge awakening when they come across a myriad of issues. They soon find out that selling weed is not as easy as smoking it. The movie is hilarious, but also takes on a very serious issue. Should marijuana be legalized globally or not? Some will argue it shouldn’t because it is a gateway drug, while others will praise it for its ability to help ease some extremely debilitating medical issues.

The red carpet premiere was held at Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station 18 in Atlanta, GA, and the theme was #itsabouttogetlit. Lil Duval openly admitted he was high and that seemed to be the sentiment of many of the attendees that night. The green carpet was rolled out in lieu of a red one, making the event a bit more festive. The only thing missing was the smoke clouds.

The theater was filled with fellow actors, supporters, and avid fans. It was more like a big family reunion where everyone got together to have a good time. All the actors from the film sat in the theater amongst all the viewers; I’m assuming to get a raw feel of what people really thought about the movie. I can tell you firsthand there was no silence, just outbursts and echoes of laughter the entire time. Grow House is out in theaters now, smoke one and go watch it!

Clarisa Velazquez

Clarisa Velazquez

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