As the blustery winter days give way to warm sunshine, we can see vibrant color popping up everywhere in nature.  So why should our beauty routine be any different?  Fresh off the runways, pastel colors are the latest beauty trend for spring.  They’re showing up everywhere from hair and highlighters to lips and lashes. Subtle hints of lilac, pink and sea foam green are the latest way to carve out your cheek bones, accent your eyes, and bling out your complexion.  And the newest crop of pastel colors are loaded with pigment and won’t look chalky or go ashy on your skin. These looks go so easily from the runway to the real way that you’ll be dying to try them out for yourself. Here are some of the best pastel color trends and some easy ways to incorporate them into your spring beauty arsenal.


Pastel Colored Mascara 

The fastest route to the pastel trend in eye makeup is to add a pop of color to your lashes.  The latest mascara from NYX Mint Julep ($7) and the limited collection from MAC In Extreme Dimension ($19.50) promise to give you thick, voluminous lashes and add a pastel flair. Apply it only on lash tips over your regular black mascara if you’re looking to make a more subtle statement.

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Pastel Washed Out Hair Color 

If your color is fading don’t reach for that bottle of dye just yet! Washed out shades of your favorite hair color are one of this spring’s biggest hair trends. Bleached out purples, pinks, magenta and light grays are making a major statement along with the latest color “blorange”. This combination of blonde and orange is a pastel tone that compliments both warm and cool complexions.  Its kind of like that pinky-peach blush that works on everyone. Deeper skin tones can opt for a pastel copper or bronze shade and work in blorange pieces to accent.

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Pastel Blush, Highlight and Contour 

Put away the dark, heavy contour and extreme highlighter. Instead, “drape” your blush high on the corners of your cheeks and over lips and eyelids for a monochromatic spring look. The latest way to Illuminate or “strobe” is with hints of pastel blue, green and lilac for a radiant healthy glow.  Try Colour Pop Pearlized Highlighter in Honeymoon ($8) for a trace of blue, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Prysmatic Amethyst ($38) for flecks of lilac, and Lorac I Love Brunch Illuminating Highlighter in Limelight ($23) for a whisper of green.

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Elegant Shimmer on Lips and Eye

Soft shimmer accents on the eyes and cheeks complement the nearly nude look for spring. Soft pastels, on natural or glossy eye lids, glittery skin and bold but softly blurred lips take you from winter drab to spring fab. No spring break beauty wardrobe is complete without that glitter lip that rivals Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Choose a pastel shade or go deep with red, wine or chocolate brown.

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