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Are you in the Sunken Place?

You’ve probably read a lot of think pieces about the movie Get Out by now. The movie was so loaded with imagery and subliminal codes that with every viewing there is something new to discover. The movie, which is a satire/horror that deals with race relations between Black and White people, follows the interracial relationship of our main character, Chris, and his girlfriend, Rose.

Chris and Rose travel upstate to introduce Chris to Rose’s family for the first time.  Upon his arrival, Chris shrugs off Rose’s family quirks as them trying to adapt to the fact that he’s Black, but as time goes on, Chris notices a few things that don’t add up, and discovers that Rose’s mother is a hypnotist. From there, things get out of hand.

Turns out that Rose’s family make a habit of taking Black people’s bodies and lobotomizes them to replace their mind with that of a White person. The victims are then only vehicles for the White people who live their lives literally through their bodies.

The scenario isn’t lost on us Black people who can attribute this behavior to old school slavery to new school. Old school slavery was the literal stealing of Black bodied by White bodies and made to do whatever the White person wished without a second thought. New age, we think of the Black people who purposefully reject the parts of themselves that contrast against the White existence. They are on the ride, living the life that grants them acceptance. Kanye West comes to mind for a lot of people when thinking of the sunken place.


The sunken place is where all Black people are in danger of succumbing to, just like in old school slavery where free Black people were in jeopardy of being stolen and sold into slavery to the highest bidder. The fact that Chris was able to reject it and literally fight off the entire family to keep his identity shows that we have to be conscious and treasure our unique identities.

It’s the movie that will definitely be experienced in different ways, based on your race. But it will be haunting, creepy and brilliantly fucked up for everyone.

Porsche Bowie

Porsche Bowie

Senior Music and Entertainment Coordinator

From the San Francisco Bay Area. Majored in Creative Writing at Cal State University San Bernardino. Has written/edited for university publications and lifestyle blogs. Currently lives in Las Vegas, NV.

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