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Model Catherine Field has been in the industry for a number of years and has experience up’s and downs. We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to get her views on our industry, 2017 and more!!!!

What are your views or thoughts about the plus size industry?

I am grateful for the growth and advancements the plus size industry has undertaken in the past 5 years. The industry is not only working to make stylish and trendy clothing more accessible to plus size women, but it also supports the body positivity movement and is challenging the ‘status quo’ of beauty in the media. I know personally that as a young, impressionable teenager that I would have greatly benefited from this industry’s presence and seeing models like Ashley Graham in mainstream news… it would have made me feel less alone and I hope that these are the important things this industry is helping women young and old feel.

Do you feel that society accepts kurvy women?

I feel that society is more accepting of kurvy women than ever before, but I would argue that society needs to be more accepting of others as a whole. Old habits die hard and perceptions/prejudices are hard to combat… the best advice I can give to anyone who doesn’t feel accepted by those around them is to find a place where they do feel loved and understood.

How should all women EMBRACE the New Year?

Did you know that 77% of North Americans make New Year’s resolutions only to break them within the first 4 months of the year? I know a lot of plus size women are looking at the new year as an opportunity to self-improve and better themselves – a common resolution however I think women should be embracing the new year in a different way. Yes the New Year is here, but you’re still the same beautiful you. There’s no such thing as a “new you”, just a more empowered, confident you. As soon as we apply “new me” filters on ourselves, we are inadvertently applying expectations and rules that can be crippling…. this is why most New Year’s resolutions are broken. In 2017, my challenge to you is to love and embrace yourself unconditionally… it is in this love that we find happiness and fulfillment.

Credits: Photographer: Robert Skuja Photography Model: Catherine Field HMUA: Kathy Grace Demetillo Ozkan Horse: Mya
Credits: Photographer: Robert Skuja Photography , Model: Catherine Field, HMUA: Kathy Grace Demetillo Ozkan, Horse: Mya

How have you come to accept all of your flaws?

I don’t believe I am flawed. “Flaws” by definition are: marks, faults, or other imperfections that mark a substance or object. And I do not believe that I am imperfect or have faults in my body, because that means there is a perfect body to aspire to and there just isn’t. These types of questions cause girls to look at themselves and find the “mistakes” in their bodies where there aren’t. No two bodies are the same, and so it should be because we are not all made alike – every finger print is different, no one’s eyes are symmetrical – no one is “perfect” and if they are made to be that way – then that is the reason… they were represented that way, but I can assure you there is no flawless body or person on this planet. Each and every body is beautiful and perfect in its own individuality… and it was coming to this realization that made me love myself more deeply than I could have ever thought and made me look at other people’s bodies differently.

What are some of your goals for the New Year?

Some of my goals are to try and learn something new every day, to drink LOTS of water, wear less makeup, to always say ‘I love you’ to my family and friends when I see them, and save as much money as I can. They may be small things to some people, but these are small goals that will only add to my life and keep me happy that actually MATTER to me in the short run and the long run.


Credits: Photographer: Robert Skuja Photography HMUA: Kathy Grace Demetillo Ozkan Horse: Mya
Credits: Photographer: Robert Skuja Photography, HMUA: Kathy Grace Demetillo Ozkan
Horse: Mya

6 words that best describe you?

Determined, resilient, strong, thoughtful, wise & goofy

What does “Luxe Beautie?” mean to you?

“Luxe Beautie” to me means a person of high standards/moral quality who is beautiful both inside and out.

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Instagram: @Hourglasscath

Website: hourglasscath.com


Editorial Credits:

Photographer: Robert Skuja Photography
Model: Catherine Field
HMUA: Kathy Grace Demetillo Ozkan
Horse: Mya
Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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