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I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley over a year ago, when we did a Skorch Magazine feature with Model Zone.  The moment I met her you could sense her positive spirit and beaming confidence.  Earlier this year I was so happy to see Ashley launch her blog, because I knew she had so much to offer the plus-size community.  Trust me, she is much more than your average fashion blogger.  With a bigger message to help women struggling with body image gain confidence through fashion and beauty, she tackles the tough topics like self-worth and dating with low self-esteem.

Ashley-RulestoLife3 (2)

Her genuine tone and relatable personal experiences in her posts always make for a great and encouraging read.  It’s truly admirable how Ashley puts herself out there and helps women by making them feel as though they aren’t alone in the things they go through.  She’s always pushing the envelope with what society says plus size women should wear; make sure you check out her recent post where she shows how any and all sizes can slay a bodycon dress, with just you and your confidence!

Cayla Jean

Fashion Editor

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