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R&B Vocalist, Songwriter and More………………………..


Brooke Taylor is an R&B vocalist, songwriter, and composer hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Within the last five years, Brooke Taylor has risen in the L.A. music scene and creating a lane of her own. She has released two well received studio albums, has collaborated with notable figures in West Coast Hip-Hop, won competitions, and received notoriety from platforms such as Big Boy’s Neighborhood, and the Steve Harvey Morning Show. With her soulful vocals and transparent demeanor, she has been able to create music that allows a listener to become a fan instantaneously. Brooke’s vocalism and music has been compared to the likes of Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, and Mary J. Blige. Even though her music is reflects classic R&B, she has been able to find a voice of her own.

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In 2011, Brooke released her debut album Live On Virtuous Energy (L.O.VE.) that allowed critics to add her name to the list of artists to watch out for. The lead single off the project was Dear Archer and it has received over 8,000 views. Much like the title and theme of the album, Dear Archer is about dealing with love through the ecstasy and hardships. Even though one may give it their all in pursuing love, the one you may be pursuing may have ulterior motives. In 2013, Brooke released her second studio album, iHuman along with the band Venus/Mars. The lead single off the album was Forgiveness that deals with forgiving those who do wrong but are insincere when apologizing or are unapologetic. Sonically, the album is a blend between modern R&B and soulful EDM that allows the listener to groove to hard hitting beats. Brook has also collaborated with the likes of Murs, Glasses Malone, and Raven Sorvino. She is currently working on her next studio album that is set to release next year. The album title, cover art, and release date to be announced.


Since the release of both her albums, Brooke Taylor has received recognition from mainstream platforms. In 2011, she was crowned Neighborhood Idolby a celebrity panel on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Brooke also made another mainstream breakthrough when she entered vocalist competition on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. In more recent years, she has been offered multiple licensing opportunities for her music to be placed in TV shows and commercials. As a result, she was deemed the new voice of the Dasani Twist Campaign.


Since Brooke Taylor has hit the scene, she has started a solid body of work, received accolades, and collaborated with notable Los Angeles Hip-Hop artists. With her soulful, groove driven, and transparent lyricism, she has been able to win the hearts of critics and fans of music. She is definitely an artist you must get familiar with if you haven’t already!


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