Paola Torrente

Italy, one of the oldest countries in Europe, is not famous to be “curvy-friendly”.
It’s not easy to find nice fitting plus-size clothing without spending a fortune or dressing as an old lady, however, something exceptional just happened at the most famous pageant in Italy: Miss Italia.
Paola Torrente, 22 years old and a USA size 16 (italian size 46) has arrived second at the biggest beauty competition, airing on national TV every Summer.
This is a revolutionary event for Italian TV and for the italian audience, used to watch much smaller sizes on italian screens, magazines and media.
It has not been an easy journey for Paola and the other curvy girls that competed for the 1st place, she received a lot of negative comments from other contestants and on social media, but she never gave up and arrived nearly at the top of the mountain by herself.
She is very proud of herself and her journey, and she would never change her body for anything in the world.
“I want to tell young women to accept themselves and to understand that feeling good and being happy is the most powerful thing to fight people’s words and thought” she recently declared.
And we totally agree with her and cannot wait to see her next moves…hopefully on the catwalk!
Stella Pecollo

Stella Pecollo


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