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Please meet LuXe Beautie Ms. Michelle Tesman!

Life Quote-“If your going to be two faced- at least make one of them pretty.”
BJ: What are your views or thoughts on the plus size industry?
MT: My views on the plus size industry are coming to life day by day. Who would have EVER thought a plus size model would be featured as a cover model for Sports Illustrated. That’s a BIG win for our community of beautiful women.
BJ: Do you feel that society accepts kurvy women?
MT: Unfortunately, society is still in the dark about the plus size movement in my opinion. Society does not approve of stretch marks or love handles! But let’s face it, we ALL have imperfections. It’s sad tho that when your considered “straights sized, it’s ok but as a plus size women with a double digit tag, people have much more to say and comment on. It’s sad if you ask me.
BJ: Who is your favorite designer?
MT: One of my favorite designers is Monif C. She is a amazing designer from New York City that really knows how to make a curvy women feel sexy from a bathing to a dress. She knows the prints, the cuts and the styles to flatter almost ANY body size! If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be modeling honestly. We found each other on Instagram and after my first shoot EVER with her, I pursued modeling and here I am!
Monif C. Collection
Monif C. Collection
BJ: 6 words that best describe you:
MT: Six words to describe me are genuine, funny, honest, loyal, silly and emotional.
unnamed (3)
BJ: What is your meaning of Luxe Beautie?
MT: My meaning of Luxe Beautie is loving the YOU that you are! At the end of the day you have to be your number one fan and supporter! It’s taken me a while to learn that but being apart of such a great “family” with all my Luxe beauties, it’s making it a lot easier! Embrace your kurves and your life will be a whole lot easier
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Instagram: miss_meechyy
Facebook: Michelle Tez
Twitter: missmichellejoy
To get information on how you can be featured, please e-mail us at info@luxekurves.com!
Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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