Seven “diverse” models protested against London Fashion Week the day before the official start, attracting the attention of the media and surprising whoever was present at the location when it happened.

The reason behind the protest was that they want to see more diversity in fashion week, more sizes, more shapes, more colors.

The models ranged from sizes up to 22 and included Kelly Knox, one of the UK’s leading disabled models, and to lead the protest, the creative director of the notorious plus size brand “Simply Be”, Mr Ed Watson.


He declared: “the average size in the UK is a size 16, and fashion should be for everyone” and also “the fashion industry’s argument is the cost, but can you put a cost on people’s health?

The Women’s Equality Party is meeting with the British Fashion Council – who last year faced criticism for using “too skinny models” – to discuss the issue as part of their One Size Fits All campaign.


The campaign also wants a rule to ensure any model whose BMI is under 18.5 – considered the lower end of the “healthy weight range” – to get signed off as healthy by a doctor.

Research carried out by Simply Be found over three quarters of people questioned think zero sized models should be banned from catwalks because they promote an unhealthy body image.

Eight out of ten people surveyed said that if designers used more representative models it would help them sell more clothes and 73 per cent urged high street retailers to use a variety of different sized models in their campaigns.

The statistics are supported by a study from Warwick Business School which found that using overly idealised female imagery at the forefront of an advertisement is more likely to provoke scorn than shopping.

Besides money, fashion and trends, we do think that health always comes first, therefore we strongly support this campaign and will keep our radars updated on any news.

Stella Pecollo

Stella Pecollo


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