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Jonathan Mannion HIP HOP Legend……………………….

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What better way to bring in THROWBACK THURSDAY then with a man who has captured some of hip hops best throwback pictures!  I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity photographer Jonathan Mannion last weekend during the BET Hip Hop Awards. He is known for capturing some of hip hops biggest artist such as Notorious BIG, Missy Elliot, and Jay-Z; just to name a few. His energy was electrifying as he danced throughout the entire exhibition; the entire time.  He mingled with everyone and even had time to do a quick interview with me.  When asked, “Do you know you are a legend?”  He chuckled and responded with, “Yes.”  We could do nothing but laugh.  He has worked so hard with some of the best in the industry and has established a name for himself.  Not only because he is good at what he does, but because of his enthusiasm and love for his passion. He is truly living his purpose and setting a great example for other young photographers.  Follow him HERE and enjoy a recap of his exhibition displaying some of his most notable pieces. Stay FOCUS!


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