Keeping Your Mind FALL Healthy!


Colder nights and darker days are creeping up very fast for us all! Beach days are coming to an end and boot season will be here in a matter of weeks!

It has been proven that we are at our best when we have more sunlight. Our minds are sharper, we are happier and life is good! That all changes when the new season comes but it is important that we keep our minds, body and soul healthy as we are face with changing of the seasons.

How can we do that? How can we stop ourselves from falling into the fall/winter blues? We have these tips to help keep your mind stay healthy this fall!


  1. Sea Salt Candles: The smell of sea salt triggers our brains to think summer is still here, which will affect our mood and behavior. Keep sea salt candles around your home and or office and lite anytime you need to boost your mood into thinking its still summer. Doing this will keep you in a happier mood!




  1. Exercise Routine: We all at one point in time we all have gained that 15 pound of holiday weight! I know I have a number of times until a couple of years ago. When I developed a very active exercise routine during the fall I found that not only I was not gaining the “15” I was able to fight off any fall depression as my mood was happy more than others. By exercising 3 times a week and sometimes more it kept in high spirits in every way!plussize1


  1. Opting Healthy Food Options: Butter and sugar get extra love during the fall season because with the change in the weather our bodies want it but don’t give in! Instead of adding fatten options to your cooking replace it with healthier selections in your cooking and baking. For example instead of using “Butter Cooking Spray” use “Coconut Cooking Spray” when baking use “Applesauce” as a sweetener. When dining out don’t ask for extra whip cream on your hot coco do without. Doing these suggestions will not only do great things for your waist but also for your mind.Use-Applesauce-as-a-Sugar-Substitute-When-Baking-820-c40add9789-1470517094


It’s very important to maintain a very happy mentality this fall season. A number of people can and will fall into a depression due to the change of the season and we wanted to share tips with you to prevent it. Your mind must always be right and want to make sure of that!

Do you have tips to keep your mind fall healthy? Let us know at Happy Fall!

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