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It seems like style is constantly changing and evolving. Jewelry might seem like something only designed for women, but this is not the case at all. More and more men are deciding to become more daring with their jewelry look. This means that they are wearing more than just watches. One piece of jewelry that is becoming increasingly popular for men to wear are rings. Rings are no longer just for women. Now guys too can sport rings with confidence. The trick for men wearing rings is knowing exactly how to rock one. Luxe men are really taking advantage of this new accessory trend this summer.

Here is everything that you need to know about how Luxe men can rock rings and look stylish this summer:


Most guys are still pretty clueless when it comes to wearing rings. This means that they are not sure that they are wearing this type of jewelry correctly. The main thing to remember when wearing a ring as a guy is that you need to be confident. A ring on a male is a statement and your goal should be to stick out. This mean that you do not want to be boring or traditional when you are wearing a ring. You wear a ring as a guy to get noticed, which means that you need to wear a ring that is unique. It can be the statement piece for just about any outfit that you choose.



Pinky Finger

Guys traditionally only wear wedding rings on their ring finger, but guys that want to make more of a statement can try wearing a ring on their pinky finger. This seems to be the finger that a lot of guys choose to wear a ring on. Pinky rings are the type that stand out the most. If you wear a ring on the pinky finger, it is sure to be noticed. This is the ring finger that you should choose when you want to make a style statement. It is hard for anyone to miss your pinky ring.

Business Mogul Jay-Z
Business Mogul Jay-Z

Be Bold

Some guys choose not to wear rings because they are a bit afraid. The fact is that wearing a ring as a guy is cool and stylish as longs as you wear that ring with confidence. You just need to choose a style of ring that is right for you. Once you find the right style, you can then choose the finger that is best to wear it on.

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