Summer Workout Tips To Maintain Your Kurves


SUMMER KURVES……….. How Do You Maintain Them?

Do you know the saddest part of working out or losing weight? The worst fats or the worst bulges are the last to go. When you start working out, you would lose more weight from your chest and back than from your tummy and butt. There will come a time when despite having lost some substantial weight, you would still have a slightly bulging tummy. Before you lose that, you would have lost all your curves. That is unless you are a phenomenally curvy woman who would still have her love handles when she is close to a size zero or a few pounds away.


There are some specific workouts that you can indulge in that would help you to remain agile and lose weight while ensuring that you don’t lose all your curves.

  • Let us begin with the most imperative exercise of all. You have to do cardio. It could be just running or it could include running, cycling and cross training. Cut down on your cardio a little and focus more on weight training. Going overboard with cardio will ensure that your bulges or curves flatten out and you would keep getting slimmer. That is not the objective. You want to lose weight or fat from specific areas that look odd. You don’t want to lose all the mass from your body that would make you less attractive. Since you have to do a bit of cardio every time you work out, engage in the exercises on an inclined mode. Opt for up to fifteen degrees of inclined plane while jogging on a treadmill.Plus-Size-Woman-Lifting-Weight



  • Intensive weight training or strength training will help you retain your curves. Rear leg lifts, squats, lunges, dead lifts and core training will help you to lose weight and tone your body while keeping your curves. Obviously you would lose a bit of the volume in your curves but the specific areas will remain curvy.


  • It is not possible to retain your curves just by exercising and without making adequate changes to your diet. You need to drink plenty of water. You must get your requisite dose of complex carbohydrates. Remember, vitamins and minerals along with fiber will not contribute to your curves. Even protein contributes very little to your curves. It is complex carbohydrates like brown rice, wholegrain bread, oatmeal and pasta that would be of help. Don’t opt for simple sugars or wheat flour.

Great summer workout tips for your Kurvy body!

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