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Plus size europe

Silvana Denker is changing the way we see beauty with her “Bodylove” campaign all over Europe.

Silvana Denker, a successful plus size model and photographer from Germany, is traveling the world with her “Bodylove” campaign.

She takes over a city by taking pictures of women (and men) of all shapes and sizes, in underwear, walking on a street and showing off their curves with pride.

She started the campaign in October 2015 and has already been in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the UK.


This campaign stands for more self-love, acceptance, and respect.Silvana Denker

This is her own battle and she decided that she will even have it tattooed on her body, so that she never forgets the experience.

Silvana writes: “I stand behind this campaign with my own story, my own fight against myself, an eating disorder and my way to learn to love myself the way I am. I feel blessed that I have the chance to move a little bit in this world and perhaps help some people to find their way to love themselves. This campaign stands for more self-love, acceptance and respect. Everyone has the right to love her- or himself and nobody should be bullied”

And we totally agree with her and cannot wait to have her in the USA too!

She has also just been nominated at the “Navabi Plus Size Awards” in the category “Women in Society.” Good luck Silvana!

You can follow her steps on her IG page: @silvanadenker

Saturday the 28th of May, in London: The Curvy Convention

On the 28th of May 2016, a very important plus size fashion event for the European Curvy community will take place in London.

The Curvy Convention is an event created to celebrate the fuller figure with everything plus size related in one place, in central London.


After the huge success of the first Curvy Convention in 2015, the Curvy Convention 2016 is looking to be even bigger and better, with plenty more brands, exhibitors, and special extras along the way.

The Curvy Convention will be the ultimate curvy shopping experience, with an array of plus size designers, retailers, e-tailers, brands, workshops, and beauty treatments available, and Luxe Kurves will be there too, to catch all the curvy news for our readers.

A new brand for the Italian curves: Luisa Viola

Good news for all the beautiful curvaceous Italian ladies: there is a new brand that celebrates the fuller bodies.

It’s called Luisa Viola and is part of Gruppo Miroglio the brand which already has another successful curvy clothing line, Elena Mirò.


On the 28th of April in Milan, they presented the new season collection, and a very famous Italian TV host, Mara Venier, is now the face of the brand, representing all the Italian women with curves.

This new line has colorful dresses, light and breezy, and perfect for the summer. We are very curious to see what the next season will bring.

Stella Pecollo

Stella Pecollo


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  1. Hey,
    thank you so much for your lovely article <3 I do my very best to also come to New York. This is my big dream :)
    I just wanted to say, the first picture on this page (the women wearing white tank tops) is not from my campaign. I´m not sure if it´s meant like that, just wanted to tell you :)
    Thanks a lot and maybe we will see in the US soon :)


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