Best Ways to Kick Off Your Summer




As one of the most exciting seasons, summer is the time for getting together with family and friends and doing activities that you have dreamt of over the winter and spring. Making sure that this summer is different from all the rest means that you need to know how to start it off perfectly. Below are some tips for kicking off this upcoming summer in the right way!


If you’re ready to bring summer into your home, start off by buying fruits from your local grocery store – particularly a watermelon. As one of the quintessential foods during the warmer months, there’s nothing more satisfying than a juicy fruit on a hot summer day. You can make a fruit salad or just enjoy an apple while sitting on your deck in the sun. Nothing says summer more than a delectable treat that is healthy for you as well.

fresh fruits



One of the most common things that you’ll experience this summer is a cookout, especially if you have close friends that love spending time at your home. Take the upcoming weeks before summer to get completely grill-ready, whether that means buying a new grill if you’re in the market for one or stocking up on meats and buns.



A lot of people don’t like spending time tanning in the sun as it can be harmful for your skin but there’s nothing that says “I’m ready for summer” more than getting a pre-tan. Visit one of your local spray tan establishments or buy a bottle of tanning lotion from your local beauty store and get your skin ready to look sun kissed over the warmer months.


Summer is the time to let your hair down and relax! Spend more time with friends and family and at the beach! This Summer live it up more and let LUXE know how you tend to kick-off summer!


Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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