Love Your Curves Tour LA: Ashley Stewart

Love Your Curves LA Ashley Stewart

The Love Your Curves Tour Comes to Los Angeles.

After the Lane Bryant television ad that was banned from popular television networks like ABC and NBC, curvy women needed a way to fire back with positivity and ferocity. Luckily no brand knows how to fire back better than Ashley Stewart. Although already on the road prior to the ad ban, their Love Your Curves Tour stop in Los Angeles was right on time!

The Ashley Stewart Brand

If you have been painfully and unfortunately smashed under a rock and don’t know about Ashley Stewart, allow us to give a brief introduction to this fantastic brand. Ashley Stewart is not a single person. Ashley Stewart is every curvy woman who confidently, fearlessly, and unapologetically showcases their curves in the most fashion-forward and in-trend ways. Ashley Stewart is curvy women everywhere who keep their eyes on the prize. This metaphor applies as seamlessly as their clothing when you take a look at the brand’s backstory.

Love Your Curves Tour

The brand started in Brooklyn, New York in 1991. The neighborhood brand turned national, and acquired 168 stores. However, in 2014, Ashley Stewart was forced to file for bankruptcy. Over 50 stores were closed initially as they did all they could to avoid liquidation. After a quick sale, closing more stores, and some very scary strategies led by new chairman and CEO, James Rhee, the brand was successful in staying open.

We were penniless, frightened, and exhausted…James Rhee, Ashley Stewart CEO

Rhee says the brand’s mission of kindness kept them afloat during those troubling times. “Despite our financial plight,” Rhee reminisces, “we reintroduced a generous local charitable giving program during the 2013 holiday season. We were penniless, frightened, and exhausted, but we knew that our philanthropic efforts were the right thing to do on multiple levels.”

Fortunately for Ashley Stewart it is true what they say: What goes around comes around.

Love Your Curves Tour

Love Your Curves Tour 2016

Today, with 89 thriving stores throughout the nation and a fantastic web presence–all the while sticking to its grassroots–Ashley Stewart is coming back around at full force.

With that, we have the fantastic Love Your Curves Tour 2016. Cities included Atlanta, Harlem, Houston, Detroit, Los Angeles and more! Through this tour, Ashley Stewart was able to connect with their customers directly. They hosted model searches, sip & shop parties, and held a poppin’ finale which included a live DJ, a pink carpet, a rip the runway competition, 40% off coupons, grab bag giveaways, and of course, an in-store fashion show.

Love Your Curves Tour

I was in the building for the LA stop, which was hosted by the Ashley Stewart located in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall. And since LA was their last stop of the tour, these ladies gave us everything they had to offer. It was the perfect place to showcase empowerment; people were spilling out of the store and into the hallways because the vibe was so inviting and infectious.

Luxe Kurves’ own, Domi Chnee’ was definitely ripping the runway in LA!

The models were styled in some of the sharpest clothing the store had to offer. All styles featured on the runway are available for purchase either in-store or online. Also, I kept a look out for a familiar face on the runway, Luxe Kurves’ own, Domi Chnee’. She was definitely ripping the runway in LA!

Check out the hashtag #LoveYourCurvesTour for a chance to relive the excitement if you were there, or for a chance to experience it for yourself if you missed it live. Either way, you’ll feel the magic.

Love Your Curves Tour

On behalf of Los Angeles, thank you to the women of Ashley Stewart for showing up, rolling out the pink carpet, and allowing curvy women to celebrate themselves in such a positive and empowering way.

Photos by D’Rena. IG: @d_rena_photography

Porsche Bowie

Porsche Bowie

Senior Music and Entertainment Coordinator

From the San Francisco Bay Area. Majored in Creative Writing at Cal State University San Bernardino. Has written/edited for university publications and lifestyle blogs. Currently lives in Las Vegas, NV.

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  1. Absolutely, positively, beautiful!!

    Ashley Stewart takes away the unspoken shame. It’s like Brazil all over again, because in Brazil, there is no such thing as weight consciousness. As soon as you step off of the plane, you know deep within yourself, that you too, are beautiful. You are naturally beautiful without having to look like a stick bug that’s tryin’ to remain in style to follow a crowd that will literally kill you, because your can’t get back into those size 4!s or size 0’s for some. Many die, tryin’.

    Thank you Ashkey, and thank you Porsche’!!

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