Spring Getaway: Have a Day-Cation!

Spring Getaway

Spring is one of the best seasons here in San Diego.

One of the reasons spring is amazing is because we have Spring Break! Although, most of us work, and sometimes do not have time to fit in a planned vacation, we can all take a break from work and plan a day-cation!

Getting away from your normal routine is a must.

Getting away from your normal routine is a must. Our routines get boring, repetitive, and even give us a headache at times. I know for me personally, everything has gotten much harder after becoming a first-time mom this past December. If I want to go on a weekend trip I must pack this and that, oh and maybe all of that just in case the baby needs it. Which in most cases they really don’t.

Spring Daycation

I love being outdoors and experiencing new things but I am a mom now. I cannot leave my child whenever I want to go out and sometimes it is just a tad too cold to take the baby out. Nonetheless, this new mama is in big need of a day off.

Once in awhile it is good to get out of your routine but you may also think having a vacation can get expensive. Well this is why my day-cation comes in perfect!

Grab your partner and go out and have fun!

If you have kids, like I do, you can arrange for them to be taken care of for a couple of hours and have a day to yourself. Grab your partner and go out and have fun! Oh, you would rather go out with your girlfriends? Grab them instead and go out and do something new!

Try a new restaurant, go check out the new exhibit at the museum, go on a hike! Whatever you want to do you can do it in this great city we get to call home.

IMG_6976My upcoming spring getaway consists of getting a family member to take care of my baby for the day and having my husband take me to a winery.

Simple, yet fun and not to mention we get to have time to ourselves. This is something we haven’t done in years and it was a good experience last time, so why not do it again? But this time at a different winery to keep it fresh and new.

Do you ever take day-cations? What is your favorite thing to do? Let us know in the comments below.

Sheyla Avalos

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