Top 5 Celebrity Spring Fashion Trends

Spring has sprung and that means amazing spring fashion!!!

Spring and fall are definitely my favorite seasons to dress to impress. Here are 5 of my top spring fashion must-haves for this season.

Am I missing anything? What are some of your spring must haves?

1.) Dressy Shorts- I love showing my legs so dressy shorts can really make an outfit hot if you’re not trying to wear the normal dress or skirt outfit.


2.) The Varsity Jacket- I love my casual looks so pairing a varsity jacket with basic denim or even a cute dress is definitely one of my go-to outfits.


3.) White shirting- Classic. Paired with some denim (also another spring 2016 trend) you can be ready for any type of affair.


4.) Bold Earrings- I’m usually not a jewelry type of girl but this spring I’m trying to explore with more bold earring looks. They are cute and can turn a basic outfit into something fancy.


5.) Choker- Yes, the early 2000’s choker trend is back and I am absolutely here for it. You can dress these up or down. Love Love!


What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

Rayven Crockett

Rayven Crockett


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