New Artist Spotlight: Interview with Ayanis


From the sea of “aspiring” artists comes a voice that is fresh and new.

I’m truly honored to share with the Luxe Kurves audience the debut interview of singer, songwriter, recording artist, and all around talent, Ayanis. I became aware of this young lady through a friend who sent me a link to her new single on SoundCloud with the simple message “this girl can sing!”

I came up through the world of independent artists, and some of the people I encountered as “newbies” way back then are now famous, so I’m always eager to experience emerging talent and share them with the world. I met Ayanis on the set of a photo shoot and decided our audience must get to know her.  So we sat down to do this interview. Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce you to Ayanis…

LK: Although you are a brand new artist, you have already gained quite a following young lady!  Tell us exactly WHO “Ayanis” is…


Ayanis: Well, 21 years old. I live in Atlanta now but I’m originally from Texas and I’m a girl who is very passionate about music and exposing the arts.  I’ve always loved the arts and have known I wanted to be an entertainer from a very early age. Around the age of 14 I really began to focus on becoming an entertainer and no matter what obstacles have presented, I’ve never lost that focus.

LK: So, it sounds like you fell in love with music at a very early age…

But they still let me sing and so I would just sing my heart out!

Ayanis: I did actually!  When I was about 3 years old I was in a Choir at Agape Love Church… it was my first church ever. They gave me little parts… I was the youngest in the choir, everybody was older than me, but they still let me sing and so I would just sing my heart out!  I sang at church, I sang at home to songs on the radio. My family listened to a lot of old school R&B so I was heavily influenced by music and just fascinated by that whole 90’s Era of music.

LK: If you had to pick the 2 biggest influences on your music, who would those artists be?

Ayanis: Oh that’s easy!  Without a doubt Michael Jackson for sure, and Beyonce… I simply LOVE them!  I’m aiming for greatness and they are both the greats who have had the most influence on me.

LK: Now Ayanis, to be a new artist, you’ve really be doing quite a lot… I noticed that you’re working with the Grammy Award winning producer, Mello The Producer, who has worked with the likes of August Alsina, Jazze Pha, Fetty Wap and more… tell us about that?


Ayanis: So yes, right now I’m signed with Mello The Producer, and we’ve been working together for 2 years now going on 3. We’ve really been working on a lot of music, spending time in the studio recording music… finding my “sound”, things like that… we haven’t released a lot yet, but the first single out on SoundCloud is called “Need 2 Know.”  It’s a great song and it’s just a bit of a segway… a little taste of what people can expect to hear from me. I’m really excited about it!  I’m also featured on a song with the artist Young Thug, it’s called “Guarantee” so when people saw my name attached to that song it caused me to gain a lot more of a following. But I’ve always done well in that area (followers) I think just because of my outgoing personality, but as time goes on people see me working hard so I’m so excited to have more music come out because it’s just me… Ayanis…I’m not trying to sound like anybody else.

LK: So, when can we expect a full project from you?

But coming soon is my official single and I think it’s gonna knock everyone’s socks off!

Ayanis: Well, as you know, everything is still really new for me so we don’t yet have a set date on a full project. But coming soon is my official single and I think it’s gonna knock everyone’s socks off!  And then after the single has some time there’ll definitely be a full project.  Maybe fall 2016 or early 2017…. I’ve always wanted to do a body of work that is truly me so I’m working hard and just so grateful to have so much support.

LK: Well the great thing about social media is that people can watch your journey and share special moments with you… I’m interested to know what been some of your most exciting music moments?


Ayanis: Oh maaaan there’s been so many, I get excited about the littlest of things! LOL So actually the other day, I got to go to LA Reid’s book signing and meet him!!  And I know that’s small, but it was probably the most exciting thing ever to me because he’s such a music mogul and he’s amazing!  There have really been so many incredible moments, I’ve gotten to meet so many people… Young Thug… I got to meet Travis Scott… I’ve met T.I. … DJ Drama… you know all these big names who are major members of the hip hop family. The thing is, I feel like I treat everyone I meet special… I don’t take any of it for granted… I’m grateful so every music moment is truly special to me. I’m really blessed to get to do this, that’s how I look at it.

LK: Well Ayanis, you’re IN the industry now… so what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a new artist about being a music professional verses just being a girl with a dream?

You have to stay big, you have to believe in yourself no matter what!

Ayanis: Well, first and foremost, this is the music BUSINESS! LOL  You have to put your feelings aside and be about business. The music is only a piece… the business is soooo big that sometimes I feel like it drowns out the actual music, but I’m really learning a lot about how important it is to understand the business.  I’m also learning to be more confident, because there’s going to be so many people who are doing the same thing as you… but nobody is you!  I know that sounds small and cliche, but its so important because when you get in big rooms with people who are very important and have lots of influence, you tend to get small… feel small… but you can’t… You have to stay big, you have to believe in yourself no matter what!  I’ve really had to learn to believe in myself because there have been times when I felt like nobody else believed in me that way I believed in me…. but then I realized, nobody else is going to!

LK: Wow, that’s powerful!  You’ve said some really insightful things Ayanis and I know that I, for one, am eager to watch your progression. I liked what I heard when I listed to your music and I can definitely say you’re “one to watch” and I think you have a lot of promise! How can our readers follow your journey?

Ayanis: I’m on social media as @ItsAyanis, so please  please follow me… I truly am grateful for every follower and everyone who chooses to join me on this journey. I think I have a lot in store for the world so I’m really excited and look forward to what’s ahead!

LK: Thank you so much Ayanis, for sitting down with Luxe Kurves!  We encourage our readers to check you out and stay tuned as we hope more people begin to understand that there are a lot of great artists out here, a lot more awesome music than what is commercially available or heard on the radio and so we encourage our readers to stay on the watch for great artist like yourself who are one the rise!

Phoenyx Reign

Phoenyx Reign

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