Top 5 Romantic Movies of All Time

So it’s February and love is in the air.

Or maybe love is always in the air, and it just starts taking steroids in this particular month. Whichever your perception, there is definitely a chance that this month will bring about the desire to watch a romantic movie or two with your loved one (if you’re boo’d up) or your closest girlfriends (if you’re saving yourself for Mr. Right.)

There are new romantic movies coming out at alarming rates, but there’s no need to take chances when you have tried and true romantic movies that have stood the test of time. That’s why I am here, to help guide you in the right direction. I’ll be giving you the top 5 romantic movies.

5. Pretty Woman

In Pretty Woman, Cinderella is a prostitute.

Pretty Woman, which stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, is a modern day Cinderella story. But in this case, Cinderella isn’t some beautiful and ill-treated stepdaughter who is forced to clean up after her wicked and far less beautiful stepmother and sisters, all the while singing happily with birds and mice. In Pretty Woman, Cinderella is a prostitute. A prostitute, who flosses, always practices safe sex (even lets her Johns pick which color condom they’d like to use) and steers clear of drugs. That’s the grown up version of singing with birds and mice. And her Prince Charming doesn’t send his time looking for the perfect foot for her shoe; he simply spends time with her. Six days and nights to be exact, for $3,000. Throughout the course of the week, he cleans her up, lets her shop on Rodeo Dr. and just like a cracked Amethyst, he sees that there is far more things to her than what meets the eye. In short, he whisks her away and they live happily ever after. *cue dreamy sighs*

4. The Vow

They’re so in love that it’s inspiring even to the coldest heart.

This is the story about Paige and Leo played by Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Paige and Leo are two beautiful people, characteristically and physically, who are in love with each other. They’re so in love that it’s inspiring even to the coldest heart. They’re so in love that following a night at the movies, Paige, not allowing anything to hold her back from her beloved, takes off her seatbelt to give her husband a kiss. At that moment, a truck smashes into them from behind, and Paige goes flying through the windshield. Luckily she survives. However, her memories don’t. Leo does everything he can and overcomes not only the obstacle of memory loss, but family and other secrets in order to gain Paige’s trust and get her to fall in love with him all over again. In the end, she does choose him, still having no memory of why she fell in love with him in the first place. Of course she does, it was meant to be! *cue happy sobs*

3. Ghost

He stays with her throughout the movie and communicates with her through a medium.

Who doesn’t love a movie about love that transcends death? Sam and Molly (Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze) shared a love that did just that.  While the couple walked home one evening, they were mugged. The mugger demands Sam to give him his wallet, Sam tries to fight and is shot. He pursues him on foot, then that he realizes that he is a ghost. He stays with her throughout the movie and communicates with her through a medium. After some chaos and the ability to avenge his own death (while protecting Molly), Sam is finally taken to heaven.

2. The Notebook

The two start their love out during a beautiful country summer.

Again, love conquers all. Again, memory is fickle and cannot be relied on. Again, it’s why we love this movie. The story of Allie and Noah (Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling) is introduced to us by an elderly man named Duke who is reading their story to a woman in a nursing home. Allie and Noah come from two different backgrounds. Allie is an heiress and Noah is just a local country boy. The two start their love out during a beautiful country summer. Allie’s parents don’t approve and force them to separate. In a shattering moment of self-worth, Noah overhears Allie’s mother refer to him as trash and he begins to distance himself. When Allie’s parents move, they lose contact. Noah enlists in the Second World War and Allie volunteers in a hospital for wounded soldiers. The two find their way back to each other, but something intangible breaks them a part temporarily. Dementia. We discover that Duke is Noah and the woman in the nursing home is Allie. She has moments of lucidity where she remembers Noah. In one of those moments she asks him if their love is strong enough to take them away together, to which he reassures her that their love is strong enough to do anything. The last scene we see the two of them in bed together resting peacefully eternally. *cue blanket clutching and silent tears*

1. Titanic

Rose and Jack knew each other briefly, but love worked quickly with them.

Only an epic disaster could set the proper tone for this love story, which could also be attributed to the relationship itself. Rose and Jack (Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio) knew each other briefly, but love worked quickly with them. The story is being told by Rose for people who wanted to know about her accounts first hand on the Titanic. Rose was engaged, but quickly falls for Jack. After they evade Rose’s fiancée, they make love and shortly after the ship strikes the iceberg. Furious about Rose’s decision of Jack as her beloved, the fiancée frames Jack for theft and he is arrested and handcuffed to a pipe. As people load scramble to lifeboats, Rose runs to safe Jack. With him freed successfully, Rose refuses to get on the lifeboats without him who were only taking women and children. As the ship splits in half, the two fall into the ocean and find a wooden panel strong enough to only hold her weight. Jack sacrifices his life so she can “die an old woman, warm in [her] bed.” *cue teenage girl meltdown*


I hope that this trip down memory lane helps with the search for the perfect movie to depict how deep your love goes for your significant other. Or, I hope it helps keep hope alive for that special someone!

This Valentine’s Day, when you grab the chocolates, roses and stuffed animals, don’t forget to schedule a movie night with one of these fine love stories!


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